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Dynamic Machine Corporation

Atlas Copco

Dynamic Machine is the largest distributor of Atlas Copco Air Compressors in Manitoba (the largest compressor manufacturer in the world) and a specialist in Variable Speed Drive (VSD) units.

Why Atlas Copco?

Atlas Copco has more than 130 years engineering experience and is the largest manufacturer of compressors in the world. They supply stationary and portable compressors along with rotary screw, scroll and reciprocating units. Manitoba Hydro, through it's Power Smart Program, offers credits of up to one third of the cost of a new, high effecient Atlas Copco compressor.

The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and reaches more than 160 markets with sales operations in 80 countries. In addition Atlas has 68 production facilities in 20 countries around the world - making them a global enterprise of considerable size and authority. These days the focus at Atlas is on innovation and development and Dynamic Machine is proud to build and supply this superb equipment.

The Difference is in the People

Our people are trained to get the best out of your Atlas Copco Air Compressor due to our intensive training and education system. Our staff takes regular in-house training sessions hosted by specialists from across the United States and Canada.