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Product # Part Description  
05E-104 Hose End bp Information Contact
10005B-C04 Brass Hose End Information Contact
10006B-A05 Brass Hose End Information Contact
10006B-C04 Brass Hose End Information Contact
131X5 Brass Plug Information Contact
131X6 Brass Plug Information Contact
1362X16 Air Brake Union Information Contact
1366X8X12 Air Brake Fitting Information Contact
1368X6X2L Air Brake Fitting Information Contact
1409 Carburator Adapter Information Contact
1432 Brass Fitting Information Contact
1436 Brass Fitting Information Contact
1437 FORD TRANSMISSION ELBOW Information Contact
1441 Brake Adapter Information Contact
1444 FORD POWER STEERING ADP Information Contact
1445 Brass Adapter Information Contact
1464X4X6X6 Air Brake Tee Information Contact
1464X6X6X8 Air Brake Tee Information Contact
1464X8X6X8 Air Brake Tee Information Contact
1464X8X8X6 Air Brake Tee Information Contact
1466X12 Air Brake Fitting Information Contact
1467X6 Air Brake Fitting Information Contact
1468X10X12 Air Brake Connector Information Contact
1468X4X1 Air Brake Connector Information Contact
1468X8X12 Air Brake Connector Information Contact
1469X10X12 Air Brake Elbow Information Contact
1469X6L Air Brake Elbow Information Contact
1469X8L Air Brake Elbow Information Contact
1471X6X4X4 Air Brake Tee Information Contact
1472X10X10X4 Air Brake Tee Information Contact
1472X8X6X6 Air Brake Tee Information Contact
1477X6 Air Brake Fitting Information Contact
1477X8X8X4 Air Brake Fitting Information Contact
1514 FUEL LINE ADP 1/2 20 X 1/8 MNPT Information Contact
1518 Brass Adapter Information Contact
1521 AC TYPE ADP Information Contact
16U-116 Hose End Information Contact
1869X2.5X1 Air Brake Adapter Information Contact
202X12X8 Adapter, Inverted Flare x NPT Information Contact
2030X12 Brass Insert Information Contact
227T-16-16 SWIVEL TEE ADAPTER Information Contact
252X10 Brass Fitting ds Information Contact
3107-6-4 Swivel Adapter, 45 d MNPT-FNPT Information Contact
3250X2 Brass Union Information Contact
3328X12 Brass Long Nipple Information Contact
3329X12 Brass Long Nipple Information Contact
3330X12 Brass Nipple, Long Information Contact
3330X16 "" Information Contact
3400X1 Brass Elbow Information Contact
3500X12 Brass Elbow Information Contact
3507-4-6 SWIVEL FITTING Information Contact
352X6X2 Brass Fitting Information Contact
402X5L Brass Adapter, Inverted Flare x NPT Information Contact
402X5X6 Brass Fitting Information Contact
41X14 Brass Nut, Forged 7/8"" Information Contact
41X7 Brass Nut Information Contact
42X7 Union, 7/16 SAE Brass Information Contact
43X3 Check Valve, SAE Brass Information Contact
43X8 Check Valve, SAE Brass Information Contact
44X12 Brass Tee D/S Information Contact
44X2 Brass Tee D/S Information Contact
452X10 Brass Fitting Information Contact
45X12X12X12 Brass Fitting Information Contact
45X3 Brass Fitting Information Contact
49X3X4 Elbow, MSAE x MNPT, Brass Information Contact
49X7 Elbow, MSAE x MNPT, Brass Information Contact
502X5 Brass Fitting Information Contact
502X6 Brass Fitting Information Contact
502X8 Brass Fitting Information Contact
50X10X6 Brass Fitting Information Contact
50X12 Brass Fitting Information Contact
50X3 Brass Fitting Information Contact
50X5 Brass Fitting Information Contact
50X6X12 Brass Fitting Information Contact
50X8X4 Brass Fitting Information Contact
51X3 Brass Fitting Information Contact
51X5 Brass Fitting Information Contact
53X6B Brass Fitting Information Contact
54X12X12 Brass Elbow, 45deg Information Contact
54X3 Brass Elbow, 45deg Information Contact
54X6X8 Brass Elbow, 45deg Information Contact
552X3 Brass Fitting Information Contact
552X4 Brass Fitting Information Contact
59X4 1/4" Breakaway Nut" Information Contact
601X10 Brass Sleeve Information Contact
601X3 Brass Sleeve Information Contact
601X6 Brass Sleeve Information Contact
601X8 Brass Sleeve Information Contact
602X3 Brass Fitting Information Contact
602X5 Brass Fitting Information Contact
602X8 Brass Fitting Information Contact
705 Brass Bleeder Information Contact
70X6X2 Brass Elbow Information Contact
752X4 Brass Fitting Information Contact
752X8 Brass Fitting Information Contact
76X3 Brass Fitting Information Contact
7828 Brake Adapter Information Contact
7896X3 Brass Long Nut Information Contact
7896X4 Brass Long Nut Information Contact
9063-10-12 Adapter, MJIC x Male BSPT Elbow Information Contact
9435X6X6 Swivel Elbow Information Contact
A4907 Hose Wrap Information Contact
C3279X10X8 Adapter Information Contact
C7890X10X10 5/8"ORB-5/8"" Hose Barb 90 Degree" Information Contact
C7990X8X8 1/2"NPT-1/2"" Hose Barb 90 Degree" Information Contact
HK0809 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HK1013 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HK1113 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HK1213 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HK1413 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HK1513 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HK1913 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HK2117 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HK2317 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HK2517 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HK2917 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HK3117 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HK3317 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HK3417 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HK3817 Hose Clamp Information Contact
PT20004 Plastic Tubing, 1/4"" Information Contact
PT20008F Fuel Line, 3/8"IDX1/2""OD Clear" Information Contact
PT20010 Plastic Tubing, 5/8 Information Contact
V406P-6 3 WAY SHUT OFF VALVE Information Contact
W05498 Air Brake Fitting Information Contact
W05499 Air Brake Fitting Information Contact
W23464 Air Brake Fitting Information Contact
WH1596 Steel, Carburator Adapter Information Contact