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Product # Part Description  
M056422A PUMP MOTOR MOUNT Information Contact
M10001604 1/2 x 1/8 COUPLING Information Contact
M10002005 5/8 x 5/32 Coupler Information Contact
M10002404 100 SERIES HUB 3/4 x 1/8 Information Contact
M10002406 3/4x3/16 COUPLING Information Contact
M10002806 KEYED COUPLING Information Contact
M10002808 7/8 x 1/4 COUPLING Information Contact
M100100008 1 X 1/4" MAGNALOY COUPLING" Information Contact
M10010408 1-1/8 x 1/4 COUPLING Information Contact
M100R MAGNALOY 100 SERIES BLANK HUB Information Contact
M170H MAGNALOY INSERT Information Contact
M170U 170 INSERT-90A-URETHANE Information Contact
M182472A BELL HOUSING Information Contact
M182582A CAST ALUMINUM MOUNT Information Contact
M182582BV VERTICAL MOUNTING FLANGE Information Contact
M182682C BELL HOUSING Information Contact
M20002005 PUMP COUPLING Information Contact
M20002806 7/8 x 3/16 MAGNALOY COUPLING Information Contact
M20002808 MAGNALOY COUPLING Information Contact
M20010408 MOTOR COUPLING Information Contact
M20011210 1-3/8" MOTOR COUPLING" Information Contact
M200A0916 MAGNALOY HALF COUPLING Information Contact
M270H MAGNALOY INSERT Information Contact
M270N MAGNALOY INSERTS Information Contact
M270U MAGNALOY 200 SERIES INSERT Information Contact
M30001604 1/2 x 1/8 COUPLING Information Contact
M30002406 300 3/4x3/16 COUPLING Information Contact
M30002808 300 7/8x1/4 COUPLING Information Contact
M30010408 1-1/8x1/4 MAGNALOY 300 HUB Information Contact
M30010808 300 1-1/4x1/4 COUPLING Information Contact
M300R MAGNALOY 300 SERIES BLANK HUB Information Contact
M324-1 M24 Series Bellhousing Cover (orange) Information Contact
M324762C HOUSING MOUNT Information Contact
M370 N6 MAGNALOY INSERT Information Contact
M370H MAGNALOY 300 SERIES INSERT Information Contact
M370U 370 INSERT-90A-URETHANE Information Contact
M40002806 M 400 COUPLER Information Contact
M40002808 7/8 x 1/4 COUPLING Information Contact
M40010810 PUMP COUPLING Information Contact
M40011210 M400 1-3/8 X 5/16 MAGNALOY Information Contact
M40012816 400 1-7/8x1/2 COUPLING Information Contact
M400R MAGNALOY 400 SERIES BLANK HUB Information Contact
M470H MAGNALOY 400 SERIES INSERT Information Contact
M470U MAGNALOY 400 SERIES INSERT Information Contact
M50012012 MAGNALOY 1-5/8x3/8 HUB Information Contact
M500A1412 MAGNALOY COUPLING 1-1/4 14 TOOTH Information Contact
M500R MAGNALOY 500 SERIES BLANK HUB Information Contact
M570U 570 INSERT-90A-URETHANE Information Contact
M60020416 MAGNALOY HUB 2-1/8 X 1/2 Information Contact
M670N MAGNALOY 600 SERIES INSERT Information Contact