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Misc. Hose and Fittings

Product # Part Description  
.045X.28X240 Spring, Compressed (Inner) Information Contact
.075X.07X240 Spring, Compressed (Outer) Information Contact
0101-8-16 Hex Nipple, Steel 1/2" - 1""" Information Contact
0110-12-12 MALE PIPE- FEMALE ORB ADAPTER Information Contact
0110-16-16 1-16 FHG5-S Adapter, NPT-ORB Information Contact
0110-4-6 1/4-6 FHG5-S Adapter, ,NPT-ORB Information Contact
0110-6-6 NPT - FEMALE ORB Information Contact
0110-6-8 3/8-8 FHG5-S Adapter, NPT-ORB Information Contact
0110-8-10 1/2-10 FHG5-S Adapter, NPTxORB Information Contact
0110-8-6 1/2-6 FHG5-S Adapter, NPT-ORB Information Contact
0110-8-8 1/2-8 FHG5-S Adapter, NPT-ORB Information Contact
0116-06-06 Adapter, ORB x NPT Information Contact
018T022 Clamp, 1-1/8" ID Hydra-sorb" Information Contact
01HP-16 1" NPT PIPE PLUG" Information Contact
0202-12-16 Coupling, 3/4"-1"" NPT" Information Contact
02CP-12 3/4' PIPE CAP Information Contact
02CP-16 PIPE CAP 1' SEMI NON STANDARD Information Contact
02CP-4 1/4' PIPE CAP Information Contact
02CP-6 3/8' PIPE CAP Information Contact
02CP-8 1/2' PIPE CAP Information Contact
03CP-10W 5/8 M JIC WELD ON PLUG Information Contact
03CP-12W WELD ON JIC PLUG Information Contact
03CP-16W BRAZED PORT 37D FLARE Information Contact
03CP-2 ADAPTER,1/8 JIC PLUG Information Contact
03CP-4W JIC WELD ON PLUG Information Contact
03CP-6W 3/8 MALE JIC WELD ON Information Contact
03CP-8W MALE JIC WELD ON PLUG Information Contact
0501-4-4 4 ORB - 4 PIPE Information Contact
0501-4-6 M.ORB - MNPT Information Contact
0501-6-8 MALE ORB - MALE NPT Information Contact
05704B-B65 BRASS INV FLARE HOSE BARB Information Contact
0603-20-24 Adapter Information Contact
06B-6-4 JIC FLARE NUT X 1/4 TUBE Information Contact
0915-16-20 SAE CODE 61 FLG MALE JIC ADAPT. Information Contact
0915H-12-16 CODE 62 FLANGE ADAPTOR Information Contact
1 45 ELBOW 1' 45^ FEMALE ELBOW Information Contact
1 90 ELBOW 1' ELBOW 90^ STD. BLK. PIPE Information Contact
1 BLACK PIPE SCD 40 1' BLACK PIPE SCHED 40 Information Contact
1 CLOSE 1' CLOSE NIPPLE BL PIPE Information Contact
1 SCH80 BLACK PIPE 1" BLACK PIPE" Information Contact
1 STREET 1' 90^ STREET ELBOW BL PIPE Information Contact
1 TEE 1' TEE FEMALE PIPE Information Contact
1 UNION 1' UNION BLACK PIPE Information Contact
1-1/2 45 ELBOW 1-1/2' 45 DEGREE BLACK ELBOW Information Contact
1-1/2 90 ELBOW 1-1/2 90 DEGREE BLACK ELBOW Information Contact
1-1/2 90 WELD 1-1/2 90^ WELD ON CONN NO THREADS FORGED Information Contact
1-1/2 CLOSE 1 1/2' CLOSE NIPPLE BL PIPE Information Contact
1-1/2 COUPLING 1-1/2 BLACK COUPLING Information Contact
1-1/2 FULL 1-1/2' FULL THREADED WELD FITTING Information Contact
1-1/2 PLUG 1-1/2 BLACK PIPE PLUG Information Contact
1-1/2 STREET ELBOW 1-1/2" STREET ELBOW" Information Contact
1-1/2 TEE 1-1/2" BLACK PIPE TEE" Information Contact
1-1/2 UNION 1-1/2 UNION BLACK PIPE Information Contact
1-1/2X1-1/4REDBUSH 1-1/2 X 1-1/4 REDUCER BUSHING Information Contact
1-1/2x1/2REDBU 1-1/2" MALE to 1/2"" Female NPT" Information Contact
1-1/2x1REDBUSH 1 1/2 X 1 REDUCER BUSHING Information Contact
1-1/2X2 NIPPLE 1-1/2 X 2 BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
1-1/2x2-1/2NIP 1-1/2 X 2-1/2 BLACK NIPPLE Information Contact
1-1/2x3 NIPPLE 1-1/2x3 BLACK NIPPLE Information Contact
1-1/2x3/4REDBU 1 1/2 X 3/4 REDUCER BUSHING Information Contact
1-1/2x4 NIPPLE 1-1/2x4 BLACK NIPPLE Information Contact
1-1/2x4-1/2NIP 1-1/2x4-1/2 NIPPLE Information Contact
1-1/2x5 NIPPLE 1-1/2x5 BLACK NIPPLE Information Contact
1-1/2x5-1/2NIP 1-1/2x5-1/2 BLACK NIPPLE Information Contact
1-1/2x6 NIPPLE 1-1/2x6 BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
1-1/4 PLUG 1-1/4" BLACK SQUARE HD CORED PLUG" Information Contact
1-1/4 45 WELD 1-1/4 45^ WELD ON CONN NO THREADS FORGED Information Contact
1-1/4 45DEG STREET 1-1/4 45DEG.STREET ELBOW Information Contact
1-1/4 90 WELD 1-1/4 90^ WELD ON CONN NO THREADS FORGED Information Contact
1-1/4 CAP 1 1/4 CAP BLACK PIPE Information Contact
1-1/4 CLOSE 1 1/4' CLOSE NIPPLE BL PIPE Information Contact
1-1/4 CROSS 1-1/4 FEMALE CROSS Information Contact
1-1/4 RETAINER 20 BSPP RETAINING RING Information Contact
1-1/4 STREET 1-1/4' 90^ STREET ELBOW BL PIPE Information Contact
1-1/4 TEE 1/4" BLACK PIPE TEE" Information Contact
1-1/4 UNION 1-1/4 UNION BLACK PIPE Information Contact
1-1/4 WELD 1-1/4 WELD ON CONN NO THREADS FORGED Information Contact
1-1/4X1 BUSHING 1-1/4 X 1 REDUCER BUSHING Information Contact
1-1/4X1/2 GALV BUSH GALVINIZED RED BUSH Information Contact
1-1/4x3/4 BUSH 1 1/4 X 3/4 REDUCER BUSHING Information Contact
1-1/4X3/4 RED CPLG 1-1/4 X 3/4 REDUCER COUPLING Information Contact
1-1/4x5 NIPPLE 1-1/4x5 NIPPLE Information Contact
1" 45 Degree Y Tee" 1" 45 Degree Y Tee" Information Contact
1" HALF WELD" 1" HALF WELD" Information Contact
1/2 90 ELBOW 1/2' 90^ FEMALE ELBOW Information Contact
1/2 CAP 1/2 CAP BLACK PIPE Information Contact
1/2 CLOSE 1/2' CLOSE NIPPLE BL PIPE Information Contact
1/2 COPPER 1/2' COPPER TUBING Information Contact
1/2 COUPLING 1/2 COUPLING Information Contact
1/2 CU 90 ELBOW 1/2 WROT SJ 90 ELBOW Information Contact
1/2 CU COUPLER 1/2 WROT SJ CPLG CXC Information Contact
1/2 CU TEE 1/2 WROT SJ TEE CXCCXC Information Contact
1/2 CU TYPE L 1/2 TYPE L COPPER TUBE CRT 20 Information Contact
1/2 CU UNION 1/2 WROT SJ UNION CXC Information Contact
1/2 CU x CU BV 1/2 f9222 CRANE BRASS FULL PORT BALL VALVE Information Contact
1/2 FULL 1/2' FULL WELD ON FITTING (0361-15560-9) Information Contact
1/2 HALF 1/2' HALF WELD COUPLER Information Contact
1/2 PLUG 1/2' PLUG Information Contact
1/2 STREET 1/2' 90 DEGREE ELBOW BLACK IRON Information Contact
1/2 TEE 1/2' FEMALE TEE Information Contact
1/2 UNION 1/2' STANDARD BLACK UNION Information Contact
1/2 X 1/2 MNPT ADAPT 1/2 WROT SJ UNION CXC Information Contact
1/2X1-1/2 NIPPLE 1/2 X 1-1/2 NIPPLE Information Contact
1/2x1/4REDBUSH 1/2x1/4 REDUCER BUSHING Information Contact
1/2x2 NIPPLE NIPPLE BLACK PIPE Information Contact
1/2x3 NIPPLE BLACK PIPE NIPPLE SCH 40 Information Contact
1/2x3-1/2NIPPL 1/2 x 3-1/2 STD BLACK NIPPLE Information Contact
1/2x3/4 TEE 1/2 x 1/2 x 3/4 TEE FEMALE PIPE Information Contact
1/2x4 NIPPLE NIPPLE BLACK PIPE Information Contact
1/2X5 NIPPLE 1/2 X 5 BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
1/2x6 NIPPLE 1/2' x 6' BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
1/4 45 ELBOW 1/4 45^ FEMALE ELBOW Information Contact
1/4 90 ELBOW 1/4 90^ FEMALE ELBOW Information Contact
1/4 CLOSE 1/4' CLOSE NIPPLE BLACK PIPE Information Contact
1/4 COPPER 1/4' COPPER TUBING Information Contact
1/4 FULL 1/4" FULL WELD ADAPTER" Information Contact
1/4 UNION 1/4' UNION BLACK PIPE Information Contact
1/4KH22 Adapter, Karcher x NPT Information Contact
1/4x1-1/2NIPPL 1/4 x 1-1/2 NIPPLE BLACK PIPE Information Contact
1/4X1/4X1/8 TEE TEE REDUCER Information Contact
1/4x3 NIPPLE 1/4 x 3 BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
1/4x4 NIPPLE 1/4 x 4' BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
1/4X5 NIPPLE BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
1/4x6 NIPPLE 1/4 x 6 NIPPLE BLACK PIPE Information Contact
1/4x8 NIPPLE BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
1/8 90 ELBOW 1/8 90 DEGREE FEMALE ELBOW Information Contact
1/8 COPPER 1/8' COPPER TUBING Information Contact
1/8 STREET 1/8 90^ STREET ELBOW Information Contact
1/8 UNION 1/8' UNION BLACK PIPE Information Contact
10008B-J06 Hose End, Push On Information Contact
105X3-11X1.5SC METRIC NUT Information Contact
105X3-12X1.0SC METRIC NUT Information Contact
105X3-13X1.5SC METRIC NUT Information Contact
105X3SB Nut, Inverted Flare BSP* Information Contact
105X3SC Nut, Inverted Flare, Metric Information Contact
105X3SJ Nut, Inverted Flare, Metric Information Contact
108 BRASS FITTING Information Contact
1095HPP-1A STAUFF CLAMP Information Contact
10MM COPPER 10MM X 1MM COPPER TUBING Information Contact
10ORB PORT 10 ORB 7/8-14 FEMALE PORT (CMI-290) Information Contact
11312 12" Grease Whip Hose" Information Contact
11324 24" Grease Whip Hose" Information Contact
12-FOP #12 CODE 61 PLUG Information Contact
12-FOPX #12 CODE 62 PLUG Information Contact
12-SF-O CODE 61 SPLIT FLANGE-3/4' Information Contact
12-SFX-O CODE 62 SPLIT FLANGE-3/4' Information Contact
1203-20-24 ORB CODE 61 FLANGE ADAPTOR Information Contact
122KC-12 3/4 Hose Mender Information Contact
122KC-16 1 Hose Mender Information Contact
122KC-20 1-1/4 Hose Mender Information Contact
122KC-22 1 3/8 HOSE MENDER Information Contact
122KC-48 3 Hose Mender Information Contact
123-4 Hose Barb Tee Information Contact
123-6 Tee,3/8" H.B." Information Contact
123-8 HOSE BARB UNION TEE Information Contact
125-12C Hose Barb, 3/4" x 3/8"" NPT" Information Contact
125-3B Hose Barb Information Contact
125-4D Hose Barb 1/4" HB x 1/2"" MNPT" Information Contact
125-C-AL Camlock, 1-1/4 Female Coupler x Hose Information Contact
125-F-AL Camlock, 1-1/4 Male NPT x Male Adap Information Contact
125HBL-2-4 HOSE BARB Information Contact
125HBSP-10-10 F.BSPP-HOSE BARB Information Contact
125HBSP-4-4 F.BSPP-HOSE BARB Information Contact
125HBSP-5-6 F.BSPP-HOSE BARB Information Contact
125HBSP-6-6 F.BSPP-HOSE BARB Information Contact
125HBSP-8-8 F.BSPP-HOSE BARB Information Contact
125KC-12-12 KC NIPPLE 3/4 BARB X 3/4 MNPT Information Contact
125KC-12-16 KC NIPPLE 3/4 BARB X 1 MNPT Information Contact
125KC-16-12 KC NIPPLE 1 BARB X 3/4 MNPT Information Contact
125KC-16-16 KC NIPPLE 1 BARB X 1 MNPT Information Contact
125KC-16-20 KC NIPPLE 1 BARB X 1 1/4 MNPT Information Contact
125KC-20-16 KC NIPPLE 1-1/4 BARB X 1 MNPT Information Contact
125KC-20-20 KC NIPPLE 1-1/4 BARB X 1-1/4 MNPT Information Contact
125KC-20-24 KC NIPPLE 1-1/4 BARB X 1-1/2 MNPT Information Contact
125KC-24-24 KC NIPPLE 1-1/2 BARB X 1-1/2 MNPT Information Contact
125KC-24-32 KC NIPPLE 1-1/2 BARB X 2 MNPT Information Contact
125KC-32-24 KC NIPPLE 2 BARB X 1-1/2 MNPT Information Contact
125KC-32-32 KC NIPPLE 2 BARB X 2 MNPT Information Contact
125KC-40-32 KC NIPPLE 2-1/2 BARB X 2 MNPT Information Contact
125KC-40-40 KC NIPPLE 2-1/2 BARB X 2-1/2 MNPT Information Contact
125KC-48-40 KC NIPPLE 3" BARB X 2/1/2 NPT" Information Contact
125KC-48-48 KC NIPPLE 3 BARB X 3 MNPT Information Contact
125KC-8-8 KC NIPPLE 1/2 BARB X 1/2 MNPT Information Contact
126-3A Hose Barb Information Contact
126-4C Fitting, Hose Barb Information Contact
126-5A Hose Barb Information Contact
126-6D Fitting, Hose Barb Information Contact
126-8B Fitting, Hose Barb Information Contact
127-4X6 Fitting, Hose Barb Information Contact
129-10 Hose Mender, 5/8"" Information Contact
12ORB PORT 12 ORB PORT WELD ON Information Contact
131-3A Fitting Information Contact
131-3B Fitting Information Contact
131-4C Fitting Information Contact
132-3R HOSE BARB RIGHT HAND THREAD Information Contact
132-6R Fitting Information Contact
133-4L Fitting Information Contact
133-6L Fitting Information Contact
134-AA Brass Adapter Information Contact
134-BA Fitting Information Contact
134-CB Fitting Information Contact
134-CC Fitting Information Contact
134-DD Fitting Information Contact
134-EE fitting, brass Information Contact
135-LB Fitting Information Contact
135-RB Fitting Information Contact
136-L Fitting Information Contact
136-R Fitting Information Contact
139-10D BRASS HOSE BARB 90D Information Contact
140-5A Elbow 45deg Information Contact
140-8C Brass Elbow 45deg Information Contact
1408 TURBOCHARGER DIS CONNECT Information Contact
1410 1/4 WIPER TEE Information Contact
144-3 INV FLARE UNION TEE 3/16 Information Contact
1446 BRASS ADAPTER 16X1.5 Information Contact
150-F-AL Camlock, 1-1/2" NPT-Coupler" Information Contact
15117 PRESSURE WASHER SWIVEL Information Contact
1515-20-16 MALE JIC UNION Information Contact
157-050002 ROTATING UNION-DEUBLIN Information Contact
1583 BANJO BOLT Information Contact
1585-40 SLPIT FLANGE KIT #40 Information Contact
15T3-12-8 Flange Adapter, Code 61 Information Contact
15T3-16-20 Flange Adapter, Code 61 Information Contact
16-FOP CODE 61 PLUG Information Contact
16-FOPX #16 CODE 62 PLUG Information Contact
16-SF-O CODE 61 SPLIT FLANGE 1' Information Contact
16-SFX-O CODE 62 SPLIT FLANGE-1' Information Contact
164PL-4 Union Tee, 1/4" (OBS)" Information Contact
1650-24-24 1-1/2" Suction Adapter Flange to Barb STR." Information Contact
169PL-5-6 PRESTOLOK MALE ELBOW SWIVEL Information Contact
17-630 Coiled Air Hose, 1/4 x 30ft Information Contact
1804-20-24 #24 FLANGE TO #20 JIC CODE 62 ADAPTER Information Contact
1812-24-24 CODE 61/CODE 62 TRANSITION FLANGE Information Contact
194-D Connector, Garden Hose x NPT Information Contact
19521 M5 x 2mm METRIC BARB FITTING Information Contact
1JC43-6-8 HOSE END Information Contact
1X1/2RED COUPLER 1 X 1/2 REDUCER COUPLING 150 PSI Information Contact
1x1/4 RED BUSH 1" x 1/4"" Reducing Bushing" Information Contact
1x2 NIPPLE 1 X 2 NIPPLE Information Contact
1x3/4 BUSHING REDUCER BUSHING 1 TO 3/4 Information Contact
1x3/4RED CPLG 1'x3/4 REDUCING COUPLING Information Contact
1X3/8 RED BUSHING 1X3/8 RED BUSHING Information Contact
1x4 NIPPLE 1'x4 STD BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
1x5 NIPPLE 1 X 5 BLK NIPPLE Information Contact
1x6 NIPPLE 1'x6 STD., BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
2 45 ELBOW 2' 45 DEGREE FEMALE ELBOW Information Contact
2 90 ELBOW 2' x 90 DEGR. PIPE FE x FE ELBOW Information Contact
2 CAP 2' CAP BLACK PIPE Information Contact
2 CLOSE 2" CLOSE NIPPLE" Information Contact
2 HALF 2' HALF WELD COUPLER Information Contact
2 STREET 2' STREET ELBOW 90 DEGREE Information Contact
2 TEE 2" FEMALE TEE" Information Contact
2 UNION 2" BLACK PIPE UNION" Information Contact
2-1 1/2 REDCPLG use 2x 1-1/2 RED Information Contact
2-1/2 90 ELBOW 2-1/2" 90^ FEMALE ELBOW" Information Contact
2-1/2 CLOSE 2-1/2' CLOSE NIPPLE BLACK PIPE Information Contact
2-1/2 PLUG 2-1/2' PLUG BLACK PIPE Information Contact
2-1/2 UNION 2-1/2 BLACK PIPE UNION Information Contact
2-1/2 WELD 2-1/2 WELD ON CONN NO THREADS FORGED Information Contact
2-1/2 x 3 Nipple 2-1/2" x 3"" NIPPLE" Information Contact
2-1/2x2REDBUSH 2 1/2 X 2 REDUCER BUSHING Information Contact
2-1/2x2REDCPLG 2-1/2 x 2 STND BLACK COUPLING Information Contact
2-1/2x4 NIPPLE 2 1/2X 4 NIPPLE Information Contact
20-FOP #20 CODE 61 PLUG Information Contact
20-FOPX #20 CODE 62 FLANGE PLUG Information Contact
20-SF-O CODE 61 SPLIT FLANGE 1-1/4"" Information Contact
20-SFX-O CODE 62 SPLIT FLANGE Information Contact
200-C-AL Cam Lock, Female 2" HB" Information Contact
200-D-AL Cam Lock, 2" Fem. 2"" NPTF" Information Contact
200-G-BU Camlock, Buna Seals for 2 Couplers Information Contact
2005-8 COUPLING POL BY SAE FLARE Information Contact
20190045 3/8 MNPT PW END Information Contact
20190047 3/8 MNPT SWIVEL PW END Information Contact
2027 FESTO FITTING CK-1/8 PK-4 Information Contact
2032 CK-3/8-PK6 QUICK CONNECTOR Information Contact
207ACBH-4S Achor Bulkhead Information Contact
207P-16 COUPLING Information Contact
208P-6-2 Brass Reducer Coupling Information Contact
2106-20-20 Elbow, MNPT-FJIC Information Contact
2180PP TUBE CLAMP, 18MM COMPLETE SET Information Contact
22-2 FOSTER QUICK COUPLER Information Contact
2215-10-12S Reducer, JIC Information Contact
2215-12-16S Reducer, JIC Information Contact
2215-16-20S Reducer,JIC Information Contact
222P-2-1 1/8-1/16 NPT REDUCER Information Contact
24-FOP #24 CODE 61 PLUG Information Contact
24-FOPX CODE 62 PLUG O-RING GROOVE Information Contact
24-SF-O CODE 61 SPLIT FLANGE-1-1/2' Information Contact
24-SFX-O CODE 62 SPLIT FLANGE Information Contact
24706N-604 FEMALE SAE REUSEABLE END Information Contact
2502-8-8 elbow, morb-fnpt 90 d Information Contact
2503L-6-6 Adapter Information Contact
2FFI12-14/12SF FASTER NON-SPILL COUPLER Information Contact
2x1 RED CPLG 2 X 1 REDUCER COUPLER Information Contact
2x1-1/2 RED CPLG REDUCING COUPLING Information Contact
2x1-1/2REDBUSH 2x1-1/2' BLACK REDUCER BUSHING Information Contact
2x1-1/4REDBUSH 2x1-1/4 REDUCER BUSHING BLACK PIPE Information Contact
2x1RED BUSH 2 x 1 REDUCER BUSHING Information Contact
2x2-1/2 NIPPLE 2 X 2-1/2 BLACK NIPPLE Information Contact
2x3 NIPPLE 2 X 3 STND BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
2x3-1/2 NIPPLE 2' x 3-1/2' LONG BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
2x4 NIPPLE 2x4 STND BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
2x4-1/2 NIPPLE 2 X 4 1/2 BLACK NIPPLE Information Contact
2x5 NIPPLE 2 X 5 BLACK NIPPLE Information Contact
2x5-1/2 NIPPLE 2 X 5 1/2 BLACK NIPPLE Information Contact
2x6 NIPPLE 2' x 6' LONG BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
2X6" NIPPLE" NIPPLE Information Contact
3 PLUG 3" BLACK PIPE PLUG" Information Contact
3/16 COPPER TUBING 3/16 COPPER TUBING Information Contact
3/4 45 ELBOW 3/4 45 DEGREE ELBOW Information Contact
3/4 45 WELD 3/4 45^ WELD ON CONN NO THREADS Information Contact
3/4 90 ELBOW 3/4' 90^ FEMALE ELBOW Information Contact
3/4 90 WELD 3/4 90^ WELD ON CONN NO THREADS FORGED Information Contact
3/4 CLOSE 3/4' CLOSE NIPPLE BL PIPE. Information Contact
3/4 COPPER 3/4' COPPER TUBING Information Contact
3/4 COUPLING 3/4 THREADED COUPLER Information Contact
3/4 FULL 3/4' FULL THREADED WELD FITTING Information Contact
3/4 PLUG 3/4 PLUG BLACK PIPE Information Contact
3/4 SCH80 BLACK PIPE 3/4" BLACK PIPE" Information Contact
3/4 STREET 3/4x90^ BLK MALL STREET ELBOW Information Contact
3/4 TEE 3/4' FEMALE BLACK PIPE TEE Information Contact
3/4 UNION 3/4 UNION BLACK PIPE Information Contact
3/4Cu* 1/2 Cu CPLG COPPER SOLDER REDUCER Information Contact
3/4x1-1/2 NIP 3/4x1-1/2 NIPPLE Information Contact
3/4x1/2 TEE 3/4x3/4x1/2 TEE FEMALE PIPE Information Contact
3/4x1/2REDBUSH 3/4 X 1/2 REDUCER BSHG. (BLACK PIPE) Information Contact
3/4x2 NIPPLE 3/4 x 2 NIPPLE BLACK PIPE Information Contact
3/4x3 NIPPLE 3/4 x 3 BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
3/4x3/8 REDBUS REDUCER BUSHING, 3/4 TO 3/8 Information Contact
3/4x4 NIPPLE NIPPLE BLACK PIPE Information Contact
3/4x5-1/2 NIPP 3/4x5-1/2 BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
3/4x6 NIPPLE 3/4 x 6 NIPPLE BLACK PIPE Information Contact
3/8 COPPER 3/8 COPPER TUBING Information Contact
3/8 FULL 3/8' FULL THREAED WELD FITTING Information Contact
3/8 HALF 3/8' HALF THREADED WELD FITTING Information Contact
3/8 STREET 3/8 90 STREET ELBOW Information Contact
3/8 TEE 3/8 FEMALE TEE Information Contact
3016PP 5/8 TUBE CLAMP Information Contact
30182-2-5B BRASS END Information Contact
3190/190PP Complete,3/4" Twin Tube Clamp Set" Information Contact
32-FOP #32 CODE 61 PLUG Information Contact
32-FOPX #32 CODE 62 PLUG Information Contact
32-SF-O CODE 61 SPLIT FLANGE-2' Information Contact
32-SFX-O CODE 62 SPLIT FLANGE Information Contact
32F-4 SAE UNION Information Contact
34-4 FEMALE FLARE UNION Information Contact
3507-20-20 Swivel Elbow Information Contact
35X6X4 S.A.E. REDUCER Information Contact
3x1 RED BUSH 3' X 1' REDUCER BUSHING Information Contact
3x1-1/2REDBUSH 3x1-1/2 REDUCER BUSHING BLACK PIPE Information Contact
3x2-1/2REDBUSH 3 x 2-1/2 REDUCER BUSHING Information Contact
3x2RED BUSH 3x2 BLACK REDUCER BUSHING Information Contact
3x3-1/2 NIPPLE 3x3-1/2 STND BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
41T3-20-20 TUBE ELBOW LONG-MJIC-FJIC Information Contact
44R644 Brass Tee Information Contact
44R8-6 Brass Tee Information Contact
48-SF CODE 61 SPLIT FLANGE-3' Information Contact
4ORB PORT 4 ORB 7/16-20 FEMALE PORT (CMI-32) Information Contact
5/16 COPPER TUBING 5/16 COPPER TUBING Information Contact
5/8" BARB GALV" 5/8" BARB - 1/2 MALE PIPE GALVANIZED" Information Contact
50-459 1/4' LOCK ON CHUCK Information Contact
53GH-8-12 HOSE BARB ADAPTER Information Contact
5957T Pipe Sealant Information Contact
60UC-08-08 IE - Long Swivel Information Contact
60UC-12-12 IE - Long Swivel Information Contact
60UC-16-16 IE - Long Swivel Information Contact
60X2-1/2 Sleeve, Brass Compression 5/32"" Information Contact
61X2-1/2 Brass Nut Information Contact
639F-12 SAE 45D PLUG Information Contact
6601-16-KIT SEAL KIT FOR 6601-16-16 COUPLER Information Contact
6691 BRASS VALVE Information Contact
6737 Brass Valve Information Contact
6746 BRASS VALVE Information Contact
6804 BRASS VALVE Information Contact
68C-16-16 COMP-PIPE BRASS FITTING Information Contact
6AH3-20-16 ADPTER - 62 M (JIC) FLR Information Contact
6ORB PORT 6 PORT 9/16-18 ORB FEMALE Information Contact
71-3C12-12F Coupler, Snaptite, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
71-3N12-12F Nipple, Snaptite Quick Disconnect Information Contact
7441 Valve, Butterfly 1/4" FPTxFPT" Information Contact
7443 Valve, 3/8 FNPT Information Contact
7444 Valve, Butterfly, 3/8" MPT x FPT" Information Contact
75-C-AL Camlock, 3/4 Female x Hose Information Contact
75-D-AL Camlock, 3/4 FNPT x Female Coupler Information Contact
7595 FOOD GRADE HOSE Information Contact
75GH-12 75 GH 12 Information Contact
7765 Tree way inverted flare block w/ bracket Information Contact
78-4B Brass Fitting Information Contact
7812 three way block inverted flare w/ bracket Information Contact
7818 3/8 24F X 7/16 24M ADAPTER Information Contact
7898 7/16 24 INV FLARE TEE Information Contact
8-FOP #8 CODE 61 PLUG Information Contact
8-SF-O CODE 61 SPLIT FLANGE-1/2' Information Contact
80013 HOSE INSERT Information Contact
80015 1/2" NPT-5/8 Hose Barb" Information Contact
8007-6-6 3/8 NPT - 3/8 BSPP BRASS Information Contact
80154 3/4" Hose- 1"" JIC Female" Information Contact
80324 1-1/4" Hose-2"" code 61 Flange" Information Contact
807304014 STUCCI COUPLER VP SERIES #20 ORB Information Contact
807304015 STUCCI NIPPLE VP SERIES #20 ORB Information Contact
8ORB PORT 8 ORB PORT WELD ON Information Contact
9007-04-04 Adapter, Male NPT x Male BSPP Information Contact
9007-2-4 BSPP FITTING Information Contact
9020-06-04 Adapter, JIC Reducer Information Contact
9022-06-L10-16 Adapter, MJIC x Female Metric* Information Contact
9023-04-04 M NPT - FEMALE BSPP ADAPTER Information Contact
9023-08-08 MALE PIPE - BSPP FEMALE SWIVEL ADAPTER Information Contact
9028-12 Plug, 3/4" BSPP" Information Contact
9030M-18X1.5 Metric Hex Plug, 18mm x 1.5* Information Contact
9035-20-20 MALE BSPP - FEMALE NPT Information Contact
9037-04-04 MALE NPT X FEMALE BSPP ( FIXED) Information Contact
9037-12-12 Adapter, Male NPT x Female BSPP Information Contact
9037-6-4 4 FEMALE BSPP - 6 MALE PIPE Information Contact
904-200 3/8-24 Brake Bleeder Information Contact
904-201 Brake Bleeder Information Contact
904-203 3/8-24 Brake Bleeder Information Contact
904-204 8X1.25mm Brake Bleeder Information Contact
904-206 Brake Bleeder Information Contact
904-209 BLEEDER SCREW 7MMX1.0 Information Contact
904-212 Brake Bleeder Information Contact
904-213 Brake Bleeder Information Contact
904-218 Brake Bleeder Information Contact
904-219 Brake Bleeder Information Contact
904-610 Grease Fitting Information Contact
904-611 Grease Fitting Information Contact
904-612 Grease Fitting Information Contact
904-613 Grease Fitting Information Contact
904-627 Grease Fitting Information Contact
904-629 Grease Fitting Information Contact
904-636 Grease Fitting Information Contact
904-637 Grease Fitting Information Contact
904-641 Grease Fitting Information Contact
904-652 Grease Fitting Information Contact
904-688 Grease Fitting Information Contact
904-702 Grease Nipple, 8mm x 1 Information Contact
904-703 Grease Fitting Information Contact
905-509 5/16 FUEL LINE Information Contact
905-512 5/16X12 FUEL LINE Information Contact
905-518 5/16 BUMP TUBE Information Contact
905-530 FUEL REPAIR LINE 5/16 X 30"" Information Contact
905-548 FUEL LINE REPAIR KIT Information Contact
905-606 Fuel Line, 3/8 x 6"" Information Contact
905-648 3/8 X 48 FUEL LINE Information Contact
9200-12-20 Adapter, MJIC x Metric Standpipe Information Contact
9200-4-8 METRIC STANDPIPE - MALE JIC Information Contact
9200-6-10 METRIC STANDPIPE - MALE JIC Information Contact
9200-8-12 METRIC STANDPIPE - MALE JIC Information Contact
9200-8-15 METRIC STAND PIPE - MALE JIC Information Contact
9200-8-16 METRIC STAND PIPE - MALE JIC Information Contact
9220-04-04 Adapter, MJIC x FJIS Solid* Information Contact
9235-10-02 Adapter, Male Metric x NPT Thread* Information Contact
9240-12-12 Adapter, MJIC x F BSPP Information Contact
9240-16-16 Adapter, MJIC x F BSPP Information Contact
9500-10MM Metric Seal Ring* Information Contact
9500-16 BONDED SEAL Information Contact
9606-08-S16-24 Adapter,M.JIC-M.METRIC Information Contact
9777-08 Adapter, BSP Flat Face Seal Information Contact
99-BA Brass NPT Elbow Information Contact
9999-04 Adapter, JIS Seat Information Contact
9999-06 Adapter, JIS Seat Information Contact
9S16J16-016 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
9S16J16-P16 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
9S16P16 LIVE HYD SWIVEL ADP Information Contact
9S16PU16-016 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
9S16PU16-P16 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
9S20PU20-P20 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
9S6-1 Repair Kit Information Contact
9S6J6-06 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
9S6J6-08 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
9S6J6-P6 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
9S6J8-08 Live Hydraulic Swivel Information Contact
9S6J8-P6 Live hydraulic swivel Information Contact
9S6PU4-06 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
9S6PU4-P4 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
9S6PU6-06 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
9S6PU6-08 Live Hydraulic Swivel Information Contact
9S8-1 Repair Kit Information Contact
9S8J10-010 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
9S8PU8-010 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
9S8PU8-P8 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
A400-8-8 LENZ 1/2 tube fitting-3/4" ORB" Information Contact
A5462-8 AIR BRAKE COMP SHUT OFF VALVE Information Contact
A6732 BRASS VALVE Information Contact
A6890 BRASS FITTING Information Contact
AL1184 Grease Fitting, Button Head Information Contact
AL1186 Grease Fitting, Button Head Information Contact
AL1188 Grease Fitting, Button Head Information Contact
AL1606B Grease Fitting Information Contact
AL1607B Grease Fitting Information Contact
AL1618B Grease Fitting Information Contact
AL1638B Grease Fitting Information Contact
AL1669B Grease Fittings, Drive Type Information Contact
AL1684B Grease Fitting Information Contact
AL1698B Grease Fitting, Alemite Information Contact
AL1728B Grease Fittings, Drive Type Information Contact
AL1820 Grease Fittings, Giant Buttonhead 1/2 NPTF Information Contact
AL1822 Grease Fittings, Giant Buttonhead 3/8 NPTF Information Contact
AL1823 Grease Fittings,Giant Buttonhead 1/4" NPTF" Information Contact
AL301370 Grease Fitting, Breather Information Contact
AL3014B Grease Fitting Information Contact
AL302094 Grease Fitting Information Contact
AL304300A Giant Buttonhead Coupler Information Contact
AL305859 Grease Adapter 1/8 M.NPT X 7/16-24 Information Contact
AL306740 Grease Fitting Information Contact
AL307925 Grease Fitting Adapter Information Contact
AL310912 Grease Fitting Information Contact
AL313650 Air Vent Breather Information Contact
AL323060 Realief Fitting, 15 - 25 PSI, 1/8 PTF Information Contact
AL42030A Coupler, Buttonhead, Alemite Information Contact
AL47200 Grease Fitting Information Contact
AL51942 Grease Fitting Information Contact
AL51943 Grease Fitting Information Contact
AL53495 Grease Fitting Information Contact
AL54730 Live Grease Swivel 1/8" M.NPT. X1/8"" M.NPT" Information Contact
AL6304B Standard Grease Coupler, Alemite Information Contact
AM-11 Hose End, Universal Information Contact
AM-6 HOSE END UNIVERSAL Information Contact
AM-7 Universal Coupling 3/4" NPTM" Information Contact
AM-8 Universal Coupling 3/4" NPTF" Information Contact
B14 COUPLER Information Contact
B203 GREASE ADAPTER,90D COUPLER Information Contact
B6783 NEEDLE NOSE ADAPTER Information Contact
BEM-04-06 Adapter Information Contact
BEM-06-12 Adapter Information Contact
BEM-08-15 Hose End, 1/2" Barb x 15mm Stand Pipe" Information Contact
BI3129X12 Cap, 3/4" NPT Black" Information Contact
BI3129X16 Cap, 1" NPT Black" Information Contact
BI3129X20 Cap, 1-1/4" NPT Black" Information Contact
BI3129X24 Cap, 1-1/2" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3129X32 Cap, 2" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3129X4 1/4 CAP NPT BLACK Information Contact
BI3129X40 Cap, 2-1/2" Black" Information Contact
BI3129X6 Cap, 3/8" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3129X8 Cap, 1/2" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3151X16 Plug, 1" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3151X20 Plug, 1-1/4" NPT, ,Black" Information Contact
BI3151X24 Plug, 1-1/2" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3151X32 Plug, 2" NPT Black" Information Contact
BI3151X4 BLK SQ HEAD PLUG 1/4 Information Contact
BI3151X6 Plug, 3/8" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3151X8 Plug, 1/2" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3220X12X4 Bushing, 3/4 x 1/4" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3220X12X6 Bushing, 3/4 x 3/8, Black Information Contact
BI3220X16X12 Bushing, 1 x 3/4", Black" Information Contact
BI3220X16X8 Bushing, 1" x 1/2"", Black" Information Contact
BI3220X20X12 Bushing, 1-1/4 x 3/4" Black" Information Contact
BI3220X24X20 Bushing, 1-1/2 x 1-1/4, Black Information Contact
BI3220X40X20 Bushing, 2-1/2 x 1-1/4, Black Information Contact
BI3220X40X24 Bushing, 2-1/2 x 1-1/2 Information Contact
BI3220X40X32 Bushing, 2-1/2 x 2", Black" Information Contact
BI3220X48X32 Bushing, 3 x 2" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3220X4X2 Bushing, 1/4 x 1/8" Black" Information Contact
BI3220X6X4 Bushing, 3/8" x 1/4"", Black" Information Contact
BI3250X12 Ground Joint Union, 3/4 NPT, Black Information Contact
BI3250X16 Ground Joint Union, 1", Black" Information Contact
BI3250X20 Ground Joint Union Information Contact
BI3250X24 Ground Joint Union 1-1/2"" Information Contact
BI3250X4 BLACK PIPE UNION Information Contact
BI3250X8 BLACK IRON UNION Information Contact
BI3300X12 Coupling, 3/4" Black" Information Contact
BI3300X12W Coupler, 3/4" Half Weld Coupler" Information Contact
BI3300X12X8 Coupling, 3/4 x 1/2" Reducing, Black" Information Contact
BI3300X16 Coupling, 1" Black" Information Contact
BI3300X16W Coupler, 1" Half Weld" Information Contact
BI3300X16X12 Coupling, 1" x 3/4"", Black" Information Contact
BI3300X16X8 Coupling, 1 x 1/2", Black" Information Contact
BI3300X2 Coupling, 1/8" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3300X20 Coupling, 1-1/4" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3300X20W Coupler, 1-1/4" Half Weld Coupler" Information Contact
BI3300X20X12 Coupling, 1-1/4 x 3/4, Galvanized Information Contact
BI3300x20x16 Black iron coupling 1 1/4" x 1""" Information Contact
BI3300X24 Coupling, 1-1/2" Black" Information Contact
BI3300X32 Coupling, 2" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3300X4 Coupling, 1/4", Black" Information Contact
BI3300X40 Coupling, 2-1/2", Black" Information Contact
BI3300X4W Half Coupling, 1/4" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3300X4X2 Black Pipe Reducer Coupler Information Contact
BI3300X6 Coupling, 3/8" Black" Information Contact
BI3300X6W Adapter,Half Coupling 3/8" F.NPT Black" Information Contact
BI3300X8 Coupling, 1/2" Black" Information Contact
BI3300X8W Half Coupling, 1/2" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3300X8X4 Coupling, 1/2 x 1/4" Black" Information Contact
BI3300X8X6 Coupling, 1/2 x 3/8" Reducing, Black" Information Contact
BI3326X12 Nipple, 3/4" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3326X12X1.5 NIPPLE 3/4 X 1 1/2 Information Contact
BI3326X12X2 Nipple, 3/4" x 2"", Black" Information Contact
BI3326X12X3 Nipple, 3/4" x 3"", Black" Information Contact
BI3326X12X4 Nipple, 3/4 x 4", Black" Information Contact
BI3326X12X5 Nipple, 3/4x5" Long Black" Information Contact
BI3326X12X6 Nipple, 3/4 x 6 Black Information Contact
BI3326X16X2 Nipple, 1"x2"" Black" Information Contact
BI3326X16X2.5 Nipple, 1" x 2 1/2"" Black Pipe Sch 40" Information Contact
BI3326X16X3 Nipple, 1" x 3"" Long Black Pipe Sch 40" Information Contact
BI3326X16X4 Nipple, 1" x 4"", Black" Information Contact
BI3326X20 Nipple, 1-1/4" Black" Information Contact
BI3326X20X2.5 Nipple, 1-1/4 x 2-1/2", Black" Information Contact
BI3326X20X3 Nipple, 1-1/4" x 3"" Black" Information Contact
BI3326X20X4 1-1/4 x 4 Black Pipe Nipple Information Contact
BI3326X24 Nipple, Close, 1-1/2" Black" Information Contact
BI3326X24X2.5 Nipple, 1-1/2 x 2-1/2, Black Information Contact
BI3326X24X3 Nipple, 1-1/4" x 3"", Black" Information Contact
BI3326X2X1.5 Nipple, 1/8 x 1-1/2"" Information Contact
BI3326X32 Close Nipple, 2" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3326X32X3 Nipple, 2" NPT x 3"" LG" Information Contact
BI3326X32X4 Nipple, 2" x 4"", Black" Information Contact
BI3326X32X6 Nipple, 2" NPT x 6"" LG" Information Contact
BI3326X4 Nipple, 1/4" Close, Black" Information Contact
BI3326X40 Nipple, 2-1/2" Close, Black" Information Contact
BI3326X48 Nipple, 3" Close, Black" Information Contact
BI3326X4X3 Nipple, 1/4" x 3"", Black" Information Contact
BI3326X4X4 Nipple, 1/4" x 4"" Black" Information Contact
BI3326X4X6 Nipple, 1/4" x 6"", Black" Information Contact
BI3326X6 Nipple, 3/8" Close" Information Contact
BI3326X8 Nipple, 1/2" Close" Information Contact
BI3326X8X1.5 Nipple, 1/2 NPT x 1-1/2, Black Information Contact
BI3326X8X3 Nipple, 1/2" x 3"", Black" Information Contact
BI3326X8X3.5 1/2 X 3 1/2 BLACK PIPE NIPPLE Information Contact
BI3326X8X4 Nipple, 1/2" x 3"", Black" Information Contact
BI3326X8X4.5 BLACK IRON NIPPLE 1/2 X 4 1/2 Information Contact
BI3326X8X6 Nipple, 1/2" x 6, Black" Information Contact
BI3350X12 Elbow, 3/4" 45 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3350X16 Elbow, 1" 45 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3350X24 Elbow, 1-1/2" 45 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3350X32 Elbow, 2" 45 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3350X6 Elbow, 3/8" 45 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3350X8 Elbow, 1/2" 45 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3400X12 Street Elbow, 3/4" 90 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3400X16 Street Elbow, 1" 90 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3400X2 Street Elbow, 1/8" 90 Deg Black" Information Contact
BI3400X20 Street Elbow, 1-1/4' 90deg Black Information Contact
BI3400X24 Street Elbow,1-1/2" 90 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3400X32 Street Elbow 2" 90 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3400X4 Street Elbow, 1/4" 90 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3400X6 Street Elbow, 3/8" 90 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3400X8 Street Elbow, 1/2" 90 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3500X12 Elbow, 3/4" Female 90 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3500X24 Elbow, 1-1/2" Female 90 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3500X32 Black Elbow, 90' Information Contact
BI3500X4 Elbow, 1/4" Female Black" Information Contact
BI3500X40 Elbow, 2-1/2" Female 90 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3500X6 Elbow, 3/8" Female 90 Deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3500X8 Elbow, 1/2" Black" Information Contact
BI3559X12 Elbow, 3/4" Female 45 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3559X16 Elbow, 1" Female 45 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3559X20 Elbow, 1-1/4" Female 45 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3559X24 Elbow, 1-1/2" Female 45 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3559X32 Elbow, Female 45 deg, Black Information Contact
BI3559X6 Elbow, 3/8" Female 45 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3559X8 Elbow, 1/2" Female 45 deg, Black" Information Contact
BI3700X12 Tee, 3/4" NPT, Black" Information Contact
BI3700X16 Tee, 1" Black" Information Contact
BI3700X20 B.I. Tee, 1-1/4"" Information Contact
BI3700X24 Tee, 1-1/2" Black" Information Contact
BI3700X32 Tee, 2" Black" Information Contact
BI3700X4 Tee, 1/4" Black" Information Contact
BI3700X6 Tee 3/8" Female, Black" Information Contact
BI3700X8 Tee, Female, 1/2", Black" Information Contact
BI3950X12 3/4 BLACK CROSS Information Contact
BI3950X16 Cross, 1" Black" Information Contact
BI3950X20 Cross, 1-1/4" Black" Information Contact
BKH08-1123 Ball Valve, 1/2" 5000PSI" Information Contact
BKH12-1123 Ball Valve, 3/4" 5000PSI" Information Contact
BLT3 Steel Tubing, 3/16"" Information Contact
BLT4 Steel Tubing, 1/4"" Information Contact
BLT5 Steel Tubing, 5/16"" Information Contact
BLT6 Steel Tubing, 3/8"" Information Contact
BQ50 THREAD ADAPTER 3/8 X 24NF X 1" L" Information Contact
BQ91 3 WAY TUBE TEE - M10 X 1 - 10MM MOUNT HOLE Information Contact
BS1 BS1 3/4' HOSE NIPPLES Information Contact
BS10 K.C. 2-1/2' HOSE NIPPLES Information Contact
BS101-3 Nipple, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
BS105-1 Coupler, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
BS105-3 Coupler, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
BS12 K.C. 3' HOSE NIPPLES Information Contact
BS3 BS3 KC 1' HOSE NIPPLES BLACK Information Contact
BS5 BS5 K.C. 1-1/4' HOSE NIPPLES (DST15C) Information Contact
BS6 K.C. 1-1/2' HOSE NIPPLES BLACK (DST20C) Information Contact
BS8 KC 2' HOSE NIPPLES (DST25-A) Information Contact
BST-GF QUICK CONNECT Information Contact
BV-1/1/4 1-1/4" BALL VALVE" Information Contact
BV-1/4 1/4" BALL VALVE" Information Contact
BV04 Ball Valve, 1/4"" Information Contact
BV06 Ball Valve, 3/8"" Information Contact
BV08 Ball Valve, 1/2"" Information Contact
BV12 Ball Valve, 3/4"" Information Contact
BV16 Ball Valve, 1"" Information Contact
BV20 Ball Valve, 1-1/4"" Information Contact
BV24 Ball Valve, 1-1/2"" Information Contact
BV3W08 Ball Valve, 1/2" 3-way" Information Contact
BV3W12 Ball Valve, 3/4" 3-Way" Information Contact
BV3W16 Ball Valve, 1" 3-Way" Information Contact
BVHC-16F Coupler, Brass Information Contact
BVHN-16F Nipple, Brass Information Contact
BVHP12 Ball Valve, 3/4" 2000PSI" Information Contact
BVHP16 Ball Valve, 1" 2000PSI" Information Contact
BVHP20 1 1/4 2000 PSI Ball Valve Information Contact
C17006-12-406 Propane Hose Assembly 12"" Information Contact
C17006-42-406 Hose Assy, Propane 42"" Information Contact
CC05 Hose Clamp Information Contact
CC06 Hose Clamp Information Contact
CC07 Hose Clamp Information Contact
CC08 Hose Clamp Information Contact
CC09 Hose Clamp Information Contact
CC09-1/2 Hose Clamp Information Contact
CC12 Hose Clamp Information Contact
CC13 Hose Clamp Information Contact
CC15 Hose Clamp Information Contact
CC16 Hose Clamp Information Contact
CC17 Hose Clamp Information Contact
CC18 Hose Clamp Information Contact
CC19 Hose Clamp Information Contact
CC21 Hose Clamp Information Contact
CC9-P OETIKER PINCER Information Contact
CP-TC-10 5/8 JIC CAP Information Contact
CP-TC-13 3/4 JIC CAP Information Contact
CP-TC-18 1 JIC CAP Information Contact
CP-TC-2 1/4 JIC Cap Information Contact
CP-TC-20 1 1/4 JIC CAP Information Contact
CP-TC-8 1/2 JIC CAP Information Contact
CP17 PLASTIC CAP Information Contact
CT-1/2"" Tubing, 1/2' Copper Information Contact
CT-1/4"" Tubing, 1/4" Copper" Information Contact
CT-1/8"" Tubing, 1/8" Copper" Information Contact
CT-3/16"" Tubing, 3/16" Copper" Information Contact
CT-3/4K Tubing, Copper 3/4" Type K" Information Contact
CT-3/8"" Tubing, 3/8" Copper" Information Contact
CT-5/16"" Tubing, 5/16" Copper" Information Contact
CT-5/8"" Tubing, 5/8" Copper" Information Contact
CT04X1 Tubing, 4mm x 1 Copper Information Contact
CT06X1 Tubing, Copper 6mm x 1mm Information Contact
CT10X1.0 COPPER TUBING 10X1.0MM Information Contact
CT8X1 8MM COPPER TUBING Information Contact
CWM14 COPPER WASHER - 14MM Information Contact
D-LL-08 Compression Sleeve, 8MM Information Contact
D262-4 Union, Brass Information Contact
D268-3A Fitting, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-1000 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-1025 FERRULE,BRASS Information Contact
DFBL-425 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-450 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-500 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-525 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-550 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-575 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-600 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-625 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-650 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-725 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-750 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-800 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-825 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-850 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-875 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-925 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DFBL-975 Ferrule, Brass Information Contact
DKOL-04-14 Hose End 3/8 Barb-F.Swivel Metric Information Contact
DKOL-06-18 Adapter,3/8 Barb-F.Swivel Metric Information Contact
DKOL-08-22 Hose End 3/8 Barb-F.Swivel Metric Information Contact
DKOL-90-08-22 Hose End 3/8 Barb-F.Swivel Metric 90D. Information Contact
DV1408-8D Valve Information Contact
DV403-12D Valve Information Contact
DV403-8C Valve Information Contact
DV404-CD Valve Information Contact
DV404-DD Valve Information Contact
DV405-8D Valve Information Contact
ET-40 Clamp Information Contact
ET16ZSA3C METRIC FITTING Information Contact
F14 Clamp, Punch Lock Information Contact
F15M12X1.5 BANJO BOLT Information Contact
F15M14X1.5 BANJO BOLT Information Contact
F15M16X1.5 BANJO BOLT Information Contact
F16 Punch Lock Clamp Information Contact
F18 Punch Lock Clamp Information Contact
F20 Punch Lock Clamp Information Contact
F24 Punch Lock Clamp Information Contact
F4 Punch Lock Clamp Information Contact
F5 Punch Lock Clamp Information Contact
F6 Punch Lock Clamp Information Contact
F7 Punch Lock Clamp Information Contact
F8 Punch Lock Clamp Information Contact
F9 Punch Lock Clamp Information Contact
FC2875-6 Nut, Versaflare 3/8"" Information Contact
FD49-1042-06 Cap, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
FF098-16 Repair Kit Information Contact
FF494-3 Dust Plug Information Contact
FF495-3-8 Coupler, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
FF495-4 Coupler, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
FF499-3 Dust Cap Information Contact
FF5541-2016 Steel Flange Information Contact
FF9605-06 Versaflare Sleeve, 3/8"" Information Contact
FLR100 Hose End, Reusable 1" NPT Rigid" Information Contact
FLS100 Hose End, Reusable Swivel Information Contact
FN16 FUEL NOZZLE 1"F.NPT" Information Contact
FS2404-0604 MALE ORFS X MNPT Information Contact
FS6400-0610 MALE ORFS X MALE ORB Information Contact
FZ-1617 3/8-3/8 10,000 psi Nipple Information Contact
G232-150 AIR WATER HOSE 300PSI Information Contact
G23S-125-125 1.250" HOSE BARB" Information Contact
G242-100 ROCK DRILL HOSE 1"/ 0-400PSI" Information Contact
G65A-200 ALUMINUM FEMALE NPT 2' CAM-LOCK Information Contact
G65D-200 2' FEMALE CAMLOK Information Contact
G65F-250 ALUMINUM MALE NPT CAM LOCK CPLG. Information Contact
GAL3300X12X8 Coupling, Galvanized 3/4"X1/2""" Information Contact
GAL3300X16X12 Galvanize Coupling, 1"X3/4""" Information Contact
GE-L-081/2 ADAPTER,8MM COMP.-1/2 M.NPT Information Contact
GE-LLR-06 Adapter,M.BSPT-METRIC COMP Information Contact
GE-LR-101/4 Adapter,10mm Comp.-M.BSP Information Contact
GNB-02 GREASE NIPPLE 90D.1/8"BSPT" Information Contact
GPSW12 3/4 GAS PUMP SWIVEL Information Contact
GV06 Valve, 3/8" Gate Valve" Information Contact
GV08 Gate Valve, 1/2"" Information Contact
GV16 Gate Valve, 1"" Information Contact
GV20 Gate Valve, 1-/14"" Information Contact
GV32 GATE VALVE 2"" Information Contact
H10105 RUBBER 5/16 PUSH ON HOSE Information Contact
HF-10 Plug, Plastic, #6 JIC Information Contact
HF-12 Plug, Plastic, #8 JIC Information Contact
HF-14 Plug, Plastic, #10 Information Contact
HF-16 Plug, Plastic, #12 JIC Information Contact
HF-18 Plug, Plastic #14 JIC Information Contact
HF-20 Cap, Plastic #16 JIC Information Contact
HF-24 Cap, Plastic, #20 JIC Information Contact
HF-6 Plug, Plastic, #4 JIC Information Contact
HF-8 Plug, Plastic, #5 JIC Information Contact
HGP10 Hose, General Purpose, 5/8" Red" Information Contact
HGP20 Hose, General Purpose, Red 1-1/4"" Information Contact
HGP32 General Purpose Hose Information Contact
HGPF20 REDWING FUEL HOSE 1 1/4"" Information Contact
HH08 Hose, Heater, 1/2" Black" Information Contact
HH10 Hose, Heater 5/8" Black" Information Contact
HHR-10-50 5/8 HEATER HOSE Information Contact
HHT16 Hose, Hot Tar, 1"" Information Contact
HK1713 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HK1813 Hose Clamp Information Contact
HLAG12 Hose, Low Temp Fuel 3/4"" Information Contact
HLAG16 Hose, Low Temp Fuel 1"" Information Contact
HLAG16-116-13' ASSY. HOSE,LOW TEMP FUEL HOSE Information Contact
HPS25 Live Swivel, PW, 1/4"" Information Contact
HPS38 Live Swivel, PW 3/8"" Information Contact
HTF12 Hose, Tigerflex Suction 3/4"" Information Contact
HTT32 Hose, Truck Transfer 2"" Information Contact
HTT40 Hose, Truck Transfer 2-12"" Information Contact
MAH4 MICRO GEAR CLAMP Information Contact
MM12X1.5-FPT04 ADAPTER,M.METRIC-F.NPT Information Contact
N1516 Needle Valve, 10,000 PSI 3/4" NPT" Information Contact
O3CP-6W MALE JIC WELD ON PLUG Information Contact
PHL-12 3/4" Thor Hose Barb-Coupler" Information Contact
PT20006F CLEAR FUEL LINE 1/4I.D.3/8O.D. Information Contact
PW30006 Pressure Wash Hose, 3/8"" Information Contact
RED-L-12/06 ADAPTER,TUBE REDUCER Information Contact
RNM-04-12 HOSE END 1/4 BARB-12MM BANJO Information Contact
RNM-06-16 HOSE END 3/8 BARB-16MM BANJO Information Contact
S-L-06 Sleeve Screw,6mm Light Information Contact
S-L-08 Sleeve Screw,8mm Light Information Contact
S-LL-04 Sleeve Screw 4 mm Extra Light Information Contact
S-LL-06 Sleeve Screw, 6mm Extra Light Information Contact
S-LL-08 Sleeve Screw, 8 mm Extra Light Information Contact
S101-8 Nipple, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
S105-8 Coupler, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
S1101-EE FITTING Information Contact
S1106-4-4 FITTING Information Contact
S14-1 Repair Kit Information Contact
S14-2 Dust Plug Information Contact
S14-3 Dust Plug Information Contact
S14-4 Dust Plug Information Contact
S14-8 Dust Plug Information Contact
S14J14-JF14 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
S16PF16-P16 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
S19-2 Dust Cap Information Contact
S19-4 Dust Cap Information Contact
S19-6 Dust Cap Information Contact
S21F-6 Nipple, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
S308 BRAKELINE 3/16X8 Information Contact
S31-3P Nipple, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
S312 Brake Line Information Contact
S3129X12 Pipe Cap, 3/4" NPT Forged Steel" Information Contact
S3129X16 Pipe Cap, 1" NPT" Information Contact
S3129X2 Pipe Cap, 1/8" NPT" Information Contact
S320 Brake Line Information Contact
S32PF32-PF32 S32PF32-PF32 F.PIPE-F.PIPE INLINE SWIVEL Information Contact
S330 Brake Line Information Contact
S3300X16 Coupling, 1" Steel" Information Contact
S3300X24 Coupling, 1-1/2" Sleel" Information Contact
S3300X32 Coupling, 2" Steel" Information Contact
S3300X8 Coupling, 1/2" Steel" Information Contact
S34-2 Dust Plug Information Contact
S340 Brake Line Information Contact
S35-2P Coupler, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
S351 Brake Line Information Contact
S360 Brake Line Information Contact
S39-2 Dust Cap Information Contact
S39-3 Dust Cap Information Contact
S408 BRAKELINE 1/4X8 Information Contact
S412 Brake Line Information Contact
S420 Brake Line Information Contact
S430 Brake Line Information Contact
S44-2 Dust Plug Information Contact
S44-3 Dust Plug Information Contact
S440 Brake Line Information Contact
S45-4 Coupler, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
S45-6 Coupler, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
S451 Brake Line Information Contact
S460 Brake Line Information Contact
S49-2 Dust Cap Information Contact
S49-3 Dust Cap Information Contact
S508 BRAKELINE 5/16X8 Information Contact
S511-8RK Repair Kit. Information Contact
S512 Brake Line Information Contact
S515-8RK Repair Kit. Information Contact
S520 Brake Line Information Contact
S530 Brake Line Information Contact
S54-3 Dust Plug Information Contact
S54-6 Dust Plug Information Contact
S54-8 Dust Plug Information Contact
S540 Brake Line Information Contact
S551 Brake Line Information Contact
S560 Brake Line Information Contact
S561-2 Nipple, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
S565-2 Coupler, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
S59-3 Dust Cap Information Contact
S59-4 Dust Cap Information Contact
S59-6 Dust Cap Information Contact
S59-8 Dust Cap Information Contact
S608 BRAKELINE 3/8X8 Information Contact
S612 Brake Line Information Contact
S620 Brake Line Information Contact
S630 Brake Line Information Contact
S640 Brake Line Information Contact
S651 Brake Line Information Contact
S660 Brake Line Information Contact
S6J6-JF6 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
S6J6-JF8 M.JIC-F.JIC INLINE SWIVEL Information Contact
S6J8-JF8 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
S6PF6-PF6 Live Hydraulic Swivel Information Contact
S71-6 Nipple, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
S8J10-JF10 Live Hydraulic Swivel Information Contact
S8J12-JF12 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
S8PF12-PF12 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
S8PF8-P8 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
S8PF8-PF8 Live Hyd Swivel Information Contact
SB312 Brake Line Information Contact
SB320 Brake Line Information Contact
SB340 Brake Line Information Contact
SC308 METRIC BUBBLE FLARE 3/16X8 Information Contact
SC312 Brake Line Information Contact
SC320 Brake Line Information Contact
SC330 Brake Line Information Contact
SC340 Brake Line Information Contact
SC351 Brake Line Information Contact
SC360 Brake Line Information Contact
SCH3300X12 Coupling, 3/4", Sch 80" Information Contact
SCH3300X20 Coupling, 1-1/4" Sch 80" Information Contact
SCH3300X20X24 Coupling, 1-1/4"-1-1/2"" Reducer Sch 80" Information Contact
SCH3300X32 Coupling, 2" Sch 80" Information Contact
SCH3300X40 Coupling 2-1/2" SCH 80""" Information Contact
SCH3326X12X2.5 Nipple, 3/4" x 2-1/2"" Sch 80" Information Contact
SCH3326X12X3 Nipple, 3/4" x 3"" Sch 80" Information Contact
SCH3326X12X4 Nipple, 3/4" x 4"", Sch 80" Information Contact
SCH3326X12X5 Nipple, sch 80 3/4x5"" Information Contact
SCH3326X16X6 Nipple, 1"x 6"", Sch 80" Information Contact
SCH3326X20X4 Nipple, 1-1/4" x 4"" Sch 80" Information Contact
SCH3326X4X2 Nipple, 1/4" x 2 Sch80" Information Contact
SCH3326X4X4.5 Nipple, 1/4"-4-1/2"" Sch 80" Information Contact
SCH3326X4X5 Nipple, 1/4" x 5"", Sch 80" Information Contact
SCH3326X8X5 Nipple, 1/2" x 5"" Sch 80" Information Contact
SCH3326X8X5.5 Nipple, 1/2" x 5-1/2"" Sch 80" Information Contact
SCH3326X8X6 Nipple, 1/2 x 6" Sch 80" Information Contact
SG330 Brake Line Information Contact
SG520 Brake Line Information Contact
SG530 Brake Line Information Contact
SG551 Brake Line Information Contact
SJ308 METRIC JAPANESE INVERT 3/16X8 Information Contact
SJ312 Brake Line Information Contact
SJ320 Brake Line Information Contact
SJ330 Brake Line Information Contact
SJ340 Brake Line Information Contact
SJ351 Brake Line Information Contact
SJ360 Brake Line Information Contact
SKK12G1/4VC^ TEST POINT Information Contact
SLS75 Hose End, Reusable Swivel Information Contact
SR-B-100 1/2 Hose Guard Information Contact
SS-2404-16-16 MALE NPT JIC STAINLESS ADAPTER Information Contact
SS-400-3TTF SS SWAGELOK TUBE FITTING Information Contact
SS-600-1-6ST SWAGELOK FITTING Information Contact
SS-6500-16-16-S STAINLESS STEEL FITTING Information Contact
SS3220X12X6 SS 3/4x3/8 Bushing 6613-2412 Information Contact
SS3220X12X8 SS 3/4x1/2 Bushing 6613-2413 Information Contact
SS3220X16X8 SS 1x1/2 Bushing 6613-2418 Information Contact
SS3220X32X12 SS 2x3/4 Bushing 6613-2440 Information Contact
SS3220X4X2 SS 1/4x1/8 Bushing 6613-2401 Information Contact
SS3220X6X2 SS 3/8x1/8 Bushing 6613-2403 Information Contact
SS3220X8X6 SS 1/2x3/8 Bushing 6613-2408 Information Contact
SS3300X12 SS 3/4" Coupling 6612-0407" Information Contact
SS3300X16 SS 1" Coupling 6612-0410" Information Contact
SS3300X2 S.S.COUPLING Information Contact
SS3300X20 Coupling, 1-1/4" SS" Information Contact
SS3300X32 Coupling, 2" NPT 316 SS" Information Contact
SS3300X32W S.S.Coupler Weld Information Contact
SS3300X4 SS 1/4" Coupling 6612-0402" Information Contact
SS3300X6 SS 3/8" Coupling 6612-0403" Information Contact
SS3326X12 SS 3/4" Close Nipple 6600-1465" Information Contact
SS3326X16 SS, 1" Close Nipple 6600-1480" Information Contact
SS3326X20 Close Nipple, 1-1/4" SS" Information Contact
SS3326X4X2 S.S.NIPPLE Information Contact
SS3326X6 SS 3/8" Close Nipple 6600-1433" Information Contact
SS3326X8 SS 1/2" Close Nipple 6600-1449" Information Contact
SS3332X4 Stainless Steel Nipple Information Contact
SS3332X6 Stainless Steel Nipple Information Contact
SS3400X12 SS 3/4" Street Elbow 6610-8407" Information Contact
SS3400X4 SS 1/4" Street Elbow 6610-8402" Information Contact
SS3400X6 SS 3/8" Street Elbow 6610-8403" Information Contact
SS3400X8 SS 1/2" Street Elbow 6610-8405" Information Contact
SS3500X12 SS 3/4" Female Elbow 6610-0407" Information Contact
SS3500X4 SS 1/4" Female Elbow 6610-0402" Information Contact
SS3500X6 SS 3/8" Female Elbow 6610-0403" Information Contact
SS3500X8 SS 1/2" Female Elbow 6610-0405" Information Contact
SS3700X12 SS 3/4" Tee 6611-2407" Information Contact
SS3700X16 SS 1" Tee 6611-2410" Information Contact
SS3700X4 SS 1/4" Tee 6611-2402" Information Contact
SS3700X6 SS 3/8" Tee 6611-2403" Information Contact
SS3700X8 SS 1/2" Tee 6611-2405" Information Contact
SV26 3/4" M X FNPT INLINE AIR SWIVEL" Information Contact
TE-L-101/4 Compression Branch Tee, NPT thread Information Contact
TH1D Plug, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
TK1D Cap, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
TR10 Threaded Rod, 5/8" Plated" Information Contact
TR12 Threaded Rod, 3/4" Plated" Information Contact
TR8 Threaded Rod, 1/2" Plated" Information Contact
TS16R-12 3/4' RUBBER CUSHIONED TUBE CLAMP Information Contact
TS16R-8 1/2' RUBBER CUSHIONED TUBE CLAMP Information Contact
TS17R-10 Loop Clamp Information Contact
TS17R-12 Loop Clamp Information Contact
TS17R-14 Loop Clamp Information Contact
TS17R-16 Loop Clamp Information Contact
TS17R-18 Loop Clamp Information Contact
TS17R-20 Loop Clamp Information Contact
TS17R-24 Loop Clamp Information Contact
TS17R-4 Loop Clamp Information Contact
VEAC4-4F Coupler, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
VEAN4-4F Nipple, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
VHC-16-16F COUPLER SNAP-TITE Information Contact
VHC4-4F Coupler, Quick Disconnect, Snaptite Information Contact
VHC8-8F Coupler, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
VHC8-8M Coupler, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
VHN-16-16F NIPPLE SNAP-TITE Information Contact
VHN4-4F Nipple, Quick Disconnect, Snaptite Information Contact
VHN8-8F Nipple, Quick Disconnect Information Contact
VHP15/1.5 Compression Sleeve, Metric Information Contact
VHP8/1 Insert, 6mm Brass Information Contact
VSH12X1 Re-Inforcing Ring, Steel Information Contact
W4-24-24U 1-1/2' Weld Anchor Flange Information Contact
W43-12-12U CODE 61 SOLID FLANGE W/NPT-3/4' Information Contact
W43-20-20U FLANGE Information Contact
W43-24-24U FLANGE ASSEMBLY Information Contact
W61-24-24 CODE 61 WELD ON FLANGE FLAT Information Contact
W61-32-32 2' WELD ON CODE 61 FLANGE Information Contact
W63-24-20 CODE 62 FLAT WELD FLANGE Information Contact
WC-20 WHIPCHECK LOOP BOTH ENDS Information Contact
WH-1447 MALE BUMP TUBE ADAPTER 18X1.5 Information Contact
WK-100 SEAL Information Contact