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Machine Shop

Dynamic Machine Corporation operates the largest commercial and custom machine shop in Manitoba. Our shop is fully equipped and capable of handling any industrial need or purpose, all backed by a dedication to high quality workmanship and pride.

The shop features large overhead cranes capable of handling 30 ton weights with a drive thru bay to simplify the delivery of machinery, equipment and components. Since its creation the Machine Shop has dealt with general contracting companies, steel mills, hydro companies, mines of all types and more. The on-floor staff of 30-40 trained individuals is backed with great support staff to ensure quick and accurate service for our clients. We provide precise knowledge and expertise and that allows us to fix what needs to get fixed quickly and professionally.

Our services include:

Manual Machining

From general lathes and mills to the largest capacity in Manitoba, Dynamic Machine has the right equipment to do every size of job right and efficiently.

CNC Machining

With dozens of CNC lathes and mills including five axis machines and an eight axis lathe, Dynamic has the capability to do short, medium and long runs of production machining.

Align Boring and Robotic Welding

When the alignment of two or more drilled holes is critical to the operation of your equipment then Dynamic Machine can help. Dynamic provides precision boring services involving a wide variety of industrial components. That means Dynamic can engineer exactly what their clients needs, both in shop and on the road with our mobile equipment.

Tool and Die

Designing and building everything from weld fixtures and stamping dies to oil field drilling accessories, we can make what you can dream to help you over come production bottlenecks.

Babbitt Bearings

Dynamic Machine Shop can rework and reapply new babbitt to your bearings as they wear out. Babbitt bearings are rotary bearings made from special alloys (for example tin, copper and lead in different percentages) poured directly into the bearing housing. Many industrial units use babbitt bearings for hydro, mining, large electrical motors, and heavy rotating equipment applications.