Canada's only Industrial Strength, Commercial Grade All-in-One Fuel Enhancer

Dynamic Fluid Power is a distributor of XP3 Ultra Premium Fuel Enhancer that optimizes the fuel burn, cleans all fuel systems all while stabilizing the fuel.

This industrial fuel additive contains no fillers and has a very short payback period because of its functional components such as:

Deposit Control Detergents

Dissolves Gums, Sludge & Deposits

Stability Improvers

Stabilizes & Purifies Fuels

Combustion Improvers

Ensures a More Complete Burn with Less Emissions

Anti-Gel Cold Flow Improvers

Maintains Cold Weather Operability

Lubricity Improvers

Lubricates + Protects Entire Fuel System

Water Dispersants

Optimizes Fuels + Prevents Microbial Infestations

Safe & Environmentally Friendly

Contains No Harmful Compounds or Fillers

Top 7 Reasons to be Using XP3