Dynamic Design Solutions

Whether you have a detailed vision in mind, or just a vague idea of what you need, our design team will make it happen.

Using 3D models and drawings, we can take an obscure concept or complex engineering problem and come up with a customized solution. We can also use a reverse engineering process to create parts that function as well as OEM components.

Examples of our custom machining work include weld fixtures for tractor parts, punch dies for trailer parts, machinery components for production plants, testing devices for aerospace industry, lifting devices for the railway industry, and maintenance tools for heavy equipment.

When it comes to fluid power, we’ve created hydraulic test benches for the aerospace industry, custom cylinders, and lift tables. And you can rest assured that our work is of the highest quality. Our in-house engineer oversees testing of all custom hydraulic work to ensure it meets safety standards.

Why seek out a custom solution?

Customization allows us to create the best solution for your unique problem, safely and efficiently.

Our design team consists of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineering technologists and a hydraulic engineer who also happens to be a member of MENSA. With brainpower like that, you can’t go wrong!

Let’s work together.